H-TOWN BULLDOGS in Houston Texas

Welcome to H-Town  Bulldogs,

We strive for conformation, health, working ability, tenacity, and over all temperment. Our American Bulldogs are the perfect family pet, and guardian. American Bulldogs are also my families' passion. All of our dogs are pets and part of the family. My wife and I bought our first American Bulldog for home protection, and after seeing how smart, trainable, and protective the American Bulldog was, we were hooked! If your looking for a dog that the neighborhood children can play with, but will stand it's ground to protect it's family and home, we have the American Bulldog you are looking for. We only have one or two litters a year. All of our puppies are family raised, and socialized with children, other dogs, and cats from birth.

So if you are interested you can call us, or stop by anytime we are located in Houston, TX.

Please contact us for more information about our dogs and puppies for sale

We are planning a new litter .....







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